How to register company in Delhi?

How to register a company in Delhi?

With an out growing number of start ups and businesses rising every day, it is important to understand how one can get their company registered legally. Delhi being a metro city and densely populated, it finds a major amount of people coming up with their business and Start up a company. There are few basic procedures that one must go through for business in corporation in Delhi. While it used a very tedious work earlier but today in this advanced era it has become very easy for a private limited company to get registration in Delhi. As per the new act, the companies now don’t need to fulfil the minimum capital of one lakh rupees which was earlier a top hinder in the path of newbies. Today the entire process has become online and can be done through MCA portal. There are ample of companies and organizations already available to help you throughout the process of your business incorporation for some amount of money. Private registration also helps you in gaining support from the angel investors who otherwise step back without having a bonafide registration. In this article, we have compiled the entire process and the basic requirements for Private limited company registration in Delhi.

Step 1: Before you seek your Private company registration in Delhi, you need to know about the basic requirements.

  • You need to have at least two directors and two share holders. Director and shareholders could be the same person.
  • Government issued identities, Aadhar card, PAN card Bank statement and a copy of utility and electricity bill of the Directors is compulsory.
  • Business office location and address proof. It could be the rent agreement or copy of sale deed etc.
  • You can even bank on your family members staying in Delhi if you don’t have any other business partner.
  • The company should have at least one Director on its board of Directors. The person must have stayed in India for at least 182days in the previous year.

Step 2: In this step, you have to apply for the Directors Identification number (DIN) directly in the regional office of Delhi MCA. This process is completely hassling free as you can apply for this online through MCA portal of government of India. Director Identification number is a code given by the ministry of Corporate Affairs. It is compulsory for the people who want to become the director of the company While registration legally.

Step 3: In this step, you’re asked to submit a Digital Signature certification of the directors. This process can be carried out with the help of third party Company which must be authorized by the government of India. 1daycompanyinc is one such organization which helps you to cross this step smoothly. It is basically an electronic signature which is later used for filling government electronic forms. It is like a USB drive with a prefix data so that you can attach the signature of your company on its registration form and can be used only for filling the form. For security reasons, you can not use this data for any transactions related to money and banking.

Step 4: In this step, you have to search for the name of the company on MCA portal. Before you can choose a name you will have to submit around 5 names in the application form. If one company is already registered with that name in Delhi then no other companies can take the same name or register with identical words. You must read the guidelines before hand on MCA portal regarding the Private limited company registration in Delhi. After you submit the application for approval of the name, Delhi regional office checks out the availability of that particular name of the company as per their guidelines.

Step 5: In the fifth step you’re supposed to draft an Associates of Articles (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company. In these articles basically the company internal terms and conditions are mentioned. You can even download a format of it from online.

Step 6: This is the final step of form filling for the Private Company’s registration in Delhi. You have to fill an online e-form to ROC regional office of Delhi through the MCA portal. These forms include INC-22, INC-7 and DIR-12.

Step 7: In this step, you are asked to pay the stamp duty fees. The process is made online for the convenience of the people. You can make the payment through MCA portal online to ROC Delhi using your credit card, Debit card or net banking and get the Challan.

Step 8: This step is mainly for verifying and confirming things related to the company details. ROC Delhi regional office closely looks at all the e-forms and other documents. If any issues persist the form is returned for correction and re-submission. It takes around 5-6 days to verify the things. If you apply through INC29, it takes very less time for verifying and confirmation since in INC29 all the above steps are covered at a time.

Step 9: This is the final step from the regional office of ROC Delhi. They will send an email to your registered mail Id with attaching your ‘Certificate of Incorporation’. This certificate holds a value at the bank when you want to open a bank account with your company’s name. This might also be asked by the government organization for verification purposes later on.

Step 10: It is the final step of your Business Incorporation In Delhi where you’re supposed to apply for PAN for the company. It is a mandatory thing for any company. You must also apply for TAN online in case you hire some employee in order to deduct TDS.


The above will help you set up your own organization legally and register your Private limited company in Delhi. 1daycompanyinc is an active organization completely authorized by the government which helps throughout the process making it more efficient and elucidated.