About Us - 1Day Company INC

Many people have the desire to open their business in Delhi and be successful but, starting your own business in Delhi is not easy. For one, there are many documents required that you don’t even know about. And, some fall in the wrong hands and end up begin out of business. That is why we at 1daycompanyinc have taken up the responsibility of providing not just guidance but full support thanks to the professional team of 100+ chartered accountant, lawyers, company secretaries, cost accountants chartered engineers we are able to setup your startup within 1-7 days max. Documents required for private limited company can be a hectic task especially if you don’t have much knowledge of documents required. But, our professional team sees that all your documents are up to date and full.



Our Mission:

The mission that we have embarked is to provide business incorporation to Delhi for legal and  professional needs. Right from incorporating your business to registering with Startup India and also ensuring all your documents are up to date and ready for submission. Be it company registration or company incorporation we offer full support and guidance so you can rest assured your startup will be successful.



Over at 1daycompanyinc we have more than 100+ professional people who entake important tasks right from chartered accountant, law, cost accountant and chartered engineers so company registration and company incorporation can be done legally and compared to our competitors who provide registration in 15-30 days, we offer you startup in maximum of 7 days to minimum of 1 day to get your startup running.



Our vision is to make it easy for online company registration in India. Be it limited liability partnership or one person company registration or another incorporation registration we provide full support and guidance so you can have a startup with as little hassle as possible.